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                      Join condition

                                                                                                 joining conditions
                      1, with legal qualifications, persons or companies;
                      2, agree with Rui Mote's business philosophy and maintain Rui Mote's brand image;
                      3, has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be successful, honest and good interpersonal skills (in particular the relationship between operating room and the radio and television), a good business decision and the past, successful career and life history;
                      4, close to local radio and television network company, or a good business resources.
                      5, with the appropriate level of financial strength to join. As follows:
                      Number of outlets for the first time join level into the first purchase amount required to join the total amount of funds
                      Provincial 100 3,500,000.00 300,000.00 3,800,000.00 franchisee
                      Franchisee to level 10 350000.00 30000 380000.00
                      2 county-level city franchisee 10000 80000.00 70000.00




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